We’ve taken a few minutes with Bikram, Divisional Manager of Junior Medicine, to ask a few questions about him and his team.

Bikram, please tell us more about your team:  

We are a specialised team that deal with Junior medicine, paediatrics, Obs & Gynae, as well as all the medical sub speciality disciplines, such as Cardiology and Gastroenterology.

We have a wealth of experience ,as all the team members have lived and breathed these fields and specialised themselves to align with doctors and the hospital’s needs.  We know the industry inside out and because of this, we are the go to when a post needs filling fast with the right doctor.

We are a team of 5, myself included. I’ve been here for 5 years now but our whole team had been around for 7 years. But we are constantly expanding and have plans to do so at the moment…

What makes your team stand out from other locum recruiters?

Most of my team have worked in this industry for the best part of a decade and have gained unprecedented skill sets and a high level of expertise,  meaning that we can quickly find and place a doctor in a role that suits them as well as quickly fill any gaps, meaning patient care doesn’t suffer if there’s a shortage of doctors.

We also go to great lengths to ensure that the doctor’s career progression is considered at all times. We go that extra mile to ensure that each doctor isn’t just a number! Each doctor is known on a personal level to help their personal development plan and helped to achieve their career goals.

We build lasting relationships with doctors, they work with us for most of their career and if a full time placement comes up that suits them and the hospital, then we also facilitate that! We really do care about the doctor and the hospital having the right people.

What does it mean to the hospitals and the patients when you fill a role:

Patient safety is always a huge consideration for us when placing doctors in a locum post. Sometimes our doctors are dealing with departments that are short staffed which spurs us on even further to ensure we are the most accurate and fastest we can be. Because of this, the patients receive a better level of care, in a timely manner. We are so efficient that we have long lasting relationships with hospitals who know they can count on us when they’re really in need. I feel that hospitals also appreciate the calibre of doctor we are supplying to them as we do pride ourselves on sourcing the most appropriate candidates.

What makes Locum people the best choice for Doctors?

As mentioned before, career progression, the best roles that suit the doctor, we fill roles with the right people only. The personable service we provide to each doctor, which we feel is second to none, getting to know them on a personal level and also we prep the doctors for each placement so that they are absolutely aware of what to expect for both themselves and for the department they are stepping into.

We work with trusts all across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and even a few further afield, overseas, so wherever a doctor is looking for a post, then I am sure we can find it for them.

We are a company dedicated to our candidates with a huge wealth of experience and the doctor won’t be dealing with lots of different people, we will know them very well and obviously our generous rates of pay too!

What makes you get up for work every day?

Having started at Locum People as a trainee initially, I am dedicated to the growth and development of the company in the same way that the company has supported me.

I am passionate about what I do and the team we have, shares this passion, we are motivated to grow our team and we take personal pride knowing we have helped a doctor further their career and have helped a hospital find a suitable candidate which ultimately aids patient safety.

There’s so much individuality amongst us in our team – we all work so hard and support each other and I’m proud of them all, it’s amazing to have these people around me every day!

Bikram and his team are waiting for your call, whether you are a doctor or a hospital, or trust, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you: call us:  +44 (0) 1908 683 906 or email us contact@locumpeople.co.uk or register online here