We have a chat with Alex, Locum People’s youngest manager at 23! He gives us the lowdown on his Locum People journey, being an apprentice, and partying in Vegas!

So Alex, how old were you when you started Locum People?

I was 18 when I started as an apprentice.

Where did you work before?

Locum People were my first and only full-time employers. Before that I worked part-time jobs at The Secklow Hundred, Next and Mcdonalds!

How did you find it when you first stepped into the world of medical recruitment?

It was a lot to digest at first. In truth when I applied for the role, I had no idea what a locum was, and recruitment did not even occur to me as a career path. I benefitted from close management from really good people so I was able to pick it up quite quickly!

So tell us about your Locum People journey so far…

I met Glenn in my interview and he really made me want to be part of Locum People! I began in September 2013 through an apprentice scheme. The first year was tough, but I learnt an incredible amount from the likes of Rakesh, Barry and Perry, which led me to my first full contract of employment and I was made Client Account Executive. I continued to learn and grow as Locum People grew collectively too. Elite Club was brought into play in 2015, I was over the moon that I made that!
The start of 2016 saw a promotion to Senior Client Executive. Our client desk grew as we brought on trainees and sales support and by March 2017 I was promoted to Team Leader. 2017 was a difficult year with many ups and downs but I continued to work hard throughout to then be rewarded with a promotion to Client Manager at the beginning of this year! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!

Wow, what a great few years you’ve had! What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment since working at Locum People?

I would say the fact I have made the Elite Club 3 times in a row. Being shortlisted for the ‘Most Inspiring Team Leader’ award at the Recruiter’s ‘Investing In Talent’ awards was also an extremely proud moment for me!

And what has been the hardest challenge to overcome?

2017 was packed with NHS legislation change which impacted pretty heavily on our sector. In order to maintain my high level of business I had to dramatically increase the volume of bookings I was putting through. As a team we worked hard to achieve the results despite the adverse factors we faced.

What’s your favourite part about working at Locum People?

What I’ve always loved about Locum People is the working environment and culture that has always been maintained throughout my time here. We have always been able to enjoy a buzzing atmosphere and still keep it professional and productive at the same time. Locum People regularly run sales incentives which adds some friendly competition and as a group we’re very social out of the office too. From speaking to friends, I hear this is quite rare, but for me… I’ve never known anything different!

Now, spill the beans… funniest office moment to date?

Do I have to answer this?! I actually can’t pick one… every day is just hilarious in this office!

So you’ve now qualified for Elite Club 3 times in a row. First Vegas, then Cancun where you will be returning in June. What’s been your fondest memory of the past 2 trips?

This is easy! Wet Republic pool party in Vegas! The whole trip was unbelievable but that day was like no other, it really was the icing on the cake of an amazing trip.

Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone who is new to the business?

My advice would be to have patience. For any new starter it is so easy to get frustrated if things don’t happen as soon as you would like. Stay positive, learn from the senior members and just stick to it!

Alex, it’s been a pleasure! You’re such an inspiration and I wish you all the luck in your future at Locum People. (Ps. We can’t wait to hear the Cancun stories on your return!!)