We take a quick coffee break with Calvin Miller, head of our Psychiatry team here at Locum People to ask him about his role and his department as a whole…

We asked Calvin:

What makes your team stand out from the competition?

Our Market knowledge, experience in the industry and attention to detail is our strength. We take the time to really get to know our candidates and their needs and work towards placing them accordingly. Because of this, we have very happy doctors and very happy clients.

What does it mean to the hospitals and the patients when you fill a role:

Most importantly, waiting times are lowered and clinics/appointments can be booked. Meaning the public have better access to the help they may need, faster. Many NHS Consultants are currently covering multiple jobs due to the lack of staffing – it is vital to them, as much as the patients, as it allows the substantive Doctors to take more time in their work, leading to better patient care.

What do you love about the sector you work in. Are you looking to expand it?

I specifically pinpointed Psychiatry as it’s the fastest growing area of Healthcare and it is so important that it’s not forgotten about. For me it’s being able to make a difference and get people the help they need. Mental health and its importance is being taken more seriously than ever, which is really good to see. We may venture out to work with Psychotherapists in the future but for now we are focusing on Psychiatrists of all grades and areas.

What sectors within Psychiatry do you cover?

We cover all areas of Psychiatry ranging from General Adult to Addictions and Personality disorders. If there is a demand for it we will find and supply a suitable candidate.

What makes Locum people the best choice for Doctors and clients?

We are precise and accurate in everything we do, so things will always run smoothly and effectively when working with Locum People.

I have worked with many of the NHS clients for the past 5 years and have a solid understanding of their needs and the calibre of Doctor they require. To the Doctor it means they are always in a post that is perfect for them, specifically our honest and upfront approach separates us from the competition!

Talk to me about the successes since you’ve come on board with Locum People.

Starting in June with a handful of clients and no Doctors was a challenge, but we are now working with pretty much all of the NHS, as well as several private clients. Watching the team grow and watching all the new Doctors come on board and get placements has been amazing to see from the start.

Thank you Calvin for your time and well done on creating such an important part of Locum People.

If you’re a Doctor specialising in any area of Psychiatry and want to learn more about what opportunities we have for you, get in touch with Calvin and his team today on +44 (0) 1908 683 906 or contact us here