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How To Fill In Your Timesheet

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Written by April Groves

In this post, we will show you how to correctly fill in your timesheet to ensure you can be paid on time.

Things to remember when filling out a timesheet:

  1. Always use a black pen if you can as it shows up easier when processing.
  2. Write in block capitals.
  3. Use (DD/MM/YYYY) when writing dates.
  4. Use a 24-hour format when writing shift times.

Steps for filling out your timesheet:

  1. GMC number – Use this box to fill out your GMC number,
  2. Locum Name – Fill out your full name, please use the name that you signed up to Locum People with as it makes it easier for payment processing.
  3. Grade/Specialty – Put in your Grade/Specialty.
  4. Booking Ref – If you don’t know your booking reference, please contact your recruitment consultant who will let you know what it is.
  5. Client Name – This is the hospital that you just worked at, not Locum People.
  6. Week Ending – The week that your shifts ended, please use (DD/MM/YYYY).
  7. Date Column – Fill in the date of your shift (DD/MM/YYYY)
  8. Start Time – Start time would be the time your shift started, i.e. 08:45.
  9. End Time – End time would be the time your shift finished, i.e. 17:30.
  10. Break – The break section is how long of a break you took during that shift, i.e. 45 minutes.
  11. Total Hours – The number of hours from the start time to the end time minus your break.
  12. Repeat steps 8-11 for all shifts that you worked at that hospital.
  13. Once all your shifts have been written down, add up all the hours in the total column and put that number in the ‘total week basic hours minus the total week’s breaks’ box below the table.
  14. Put the same number in the ‘total weeks hours to be paid’ box.
  15. In the locum section, please read through the terms and conditions and then sign and date the timesheet (DD/MM/YYYY)
  16. Then take your timesheet to the delegated person in charge to approve and sign, if you don’t know who this is then get in contact with your recruitment consultant who will be able to direct you.
  17. Take a clear photo of your timesheet in good lighting, ensuring the writing is clear and easy to read.
  18. Send the picture to with your full name as the subject.
  19. Leave the rest to us and get paid!

If you are still unsure, watch our video tutorial.


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