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How do I get paid?

At Locum People we can offer a variety of payment methods dependant on your circumstances. Your payment options will be:
  • Umbrella Company
  • PAYE
  • Direct Engagement with the trust
Locum People operate a daily payroll for umbrella payments, (However your chosen umbrella may not pay everyday) and a weekly payroll for Agency PAYE.


Locum People run payroll daily, please ensure you send your timesheets in by 9am. Please ensure you follow the submission procedures below to receive timely payments.

To ensure the processing of your timesheet is not delayed, please ensure the following:

  • The timesheet is fully completed and signed by an authorised signatory, also clearly showing your name and the Hospital worked at.
  • All payment/umbrella company details have been supplied to your recruitment consultant
  • All breaks are correctly deducted from your timesheet
  • The timesheet you send us is of the best quality possible and is clearly legible (please note many Trusts do not accept photo images of timesheets)

Once completed please email your timesheet to
Please find below links to our timesheets:




There are a number of methods you can use to be paid, depending on the Trust you’ll be working in. Some hospitals in England have a payment portal in place. If your locum booking is with one of these Trusts, you will be paid via their payment portal, directly to your personal bank account. Both national insurances and PAYE will be deducted at source by the Hospital, prior to payment being made. Further information on this will be detailed in the booking confirmation we send to you. If you work at a Hospital that doesn’t have a payment portal in place you are able to be paid PAYE via Locum People or utilise an Umbrella company.


This is a list of umbrella companies we are currently engaged with.  This is not a recommended list or PSL – the list is umbrella companies that Locum People are currently engaged with.

We make no representations as to the tax compliance, quality of service of these umbrellas or the models they operate. We will not accept any responsibility or liability should a candidate experience problems with them.

Candidates may select any of these umbrellas at their own risk, and we highly recommend that the candidate carry out their own due diligence prior to selection. We further recommend that a candidate takes professional accounting or taxation advice around their choice of umbrella.

Please remember that when using an umbrella it is your responsibility to ensure your tax affairs are being dealt with correctly. We encourage you to be vigilant when looking at alternative umbrellas. Please see the latest communication from HMRC.

We advise you to explore the different payment methods available to ensure you are making the correct decision.

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